Start date: 1st Sept 2019
End date: 30th March 2020
This workpackage will demonstrate how workplace practical research skills can be use to develop the enterpreneural capability of an SME and improve the competitiveness of an SME. One hundred in SMEs will be recruited to take the programme Smart Research as a 21st Century Skill for Business. Learners will be supported to complete the programmeusing the learning material developed in IO2, a tutor and the ICT platform developed in IO3.
To test the ability of the project to develop the relevant skills learners will undertake a pre and post assessment of their entrepreneurial capacity using an adapted version of an assessment tool such as the intrapreneurial assessment tool developed by Kuratko et al, 1990.
In addition, learners will be asked to measure a competitive aspect of their company relevant to the research project being under taken prior taking the course and do a comparative analysis of this post programme.
Learner satisfaction of the programme and pedagogical approach will also be measured post programme. This will be done by disseminating a survey to all learners and completing a content analysis of their reflective diaries.
Published output: A summary of the pilot results will be made available as a report on the 1st June 2020.