Start Date: 1st Jan 2018
End Date: 30th May 2018
This work package will examine the future workplace and its implications for SMEs. It will identify the future skills needs of these companies and identify what transversal skills will be required to ensure success in future business. From this the project will develop an accredited curriculum to allow companies to develop these skills.  The programme will be entitled: Smart Research as a 21st Century Skill for Business.  This curriculum will be accredited following a pilot period between 1st Sept 2019 and the 30th March 2020
The work package will also identify how research skills and inquiry-based learning can be used to develop these skills. It will examine pedagogical best practice in adopting such approaches.  From this it will develop a learning methodology to leverage from research skills and inquiry-based approaches to satisfy future SME needs.
Published output: A report on the pedagogical approaches for teaching workplace research skills will be published on the 30th May 2018. It summarize the findings of the work package including a practice based research curriculum and learning methodology for teaching this in a workplace environment.