First partner meeting, Limerick, 31st Jan 2018
In January 2018 all partners of the Reinnovate project met at the University of Limerick to discuss the proposed programme, ICT platform and learning material. It was decided to adopt the programme title Smart Research as a 21st Century Skill for Business. The programme will be aimed at providing employees in companies with workplace research skills. With the increasing pace of change employees need to continuously adapt to new technologies, methods of doing business and increasing customer demands.
Research skills will allow employees in the workplace to adapt to these changes by proactively seeking new opportunities for their company, making data driven decisions to implement these opportunities and evaluating the impact of this on the business performance. The student will also be required to identify future opportunities for their organisation and determine a research action plan for these. The programme is based on emerging business trends such as customer and resource based innovation, digital business models, data analytics, smart questions and technology oriented problem solving. The project team are currently developing a learning methodology, curriculum, learning material and ICT platform to support the delivery of such a programme.