This unit will help you to identify key learnings and the impact of your research and determine opportunities for further workplace research. The European Commission emphasises the importance of entrepreneurial skills as a key competency. Part of entrepreneurship entails assessing the impact of business ideas, reflecting and learning from both success and failure.  To address these, you will learn how to evaluate the impact of research projects, reflect on the findings and learn from these by identifying future opportunities for your workplace.
Finally, you will develop a portfolio of work to allow you to progress your individual careers based on the learnings identified in the Evaluation Map and the Future Research Plan.  Included in this portfolio is a Reflective Learning Journal that is an account of the learning journey through the programme.

This unit will introduce the concept of managing research projects. This unit discusses projects in a general context, with a particular emphasis on what is required for successful implementation of a project. It details the tools and techniques appropriate to managing research projects and provides examples and instruction so that you will be able to build up your armoury of project management tools and techniques to assist you in the management and presentation of your project.

This unit investigates different approaches to decision making.  It provides an understanding of the thinking processes that underpin judgement and decision making, the decision biases that commonly arise and strategies for improving decision making.  A systematic decision making process is also outlined. 

The course will allow you to identify sources of business opportunities from different perspectives, organisational, social, and technological. You will have to design and undertaKe appropriate preliminary research to investigate the potential impact of these opportunities on your organisation. You will also assess the viability of the business opportunity and present a research proposal to staKeholders in your company.