About ReInnovate

The aim of the ReInnovate project is to focus on using systematic research to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial skills in employees in SMEs. This will allow the company to develop a culture of entrepreneurship or an entrepreneurial mindset where individuals are inquiry focused, continuously looking for opportunities to improve the business and allowing them to gather the knowledge to put these into action.

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Available courses

The course will allow you to identify sources of business opportunities from different perspectives, organisational, social, and technological. You will have to design and undertake appropriate preliminary research to investigate the potential impact of these opportunities on your organisation. You will also assess the viability of the business opportunity and present a research proposal to stakeholders in your company.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the learner to the programme and the ICT platform. The student will undertake a series of short online exercises to become familiar with the moodle system and the learning philosophy of the programme